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Joel Stein over at the LA times (d’you like how I said “over at” like that?) wrote a fabulous “article” (it’s really more of a post) about Obamaphila.

Am I an Obamaphile or an Obamabot?

Do I, as Andrew Sullivan puts it, “want the man to hope all over me?”

Jon Stewart knew all about the Obama love fest last year (almost to the day).

(while I was looking around for that video, I came across this one, which is apropos of Bill Clinton’s gaffe in a major way…)

Joel Stein admits that he is, despite himself, an Obama fan.  It’s like liking Nirvana after they got famous, maybe.  He just asks that we stop peeing ourselves talking about inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

I myself am in no position to talk.  I wax grandiose about Barack Obama.  I do also have that hipster self-hatred about being so “fired-up and ready to go.” I’ve said “yes we can” and meant it.  I have an “I am an Obama precinct captain” button on my coat and a bumper sticker on my car.

The only criticism I have of the man is that maybe he shouldn’t have said that Hillary was “likable enough” at that debate.   I’ll chalk that up to a failed attempt at a joke, and say we’re even because of the hugely successful line, I’ll have to examine his dancing abilities to see if Bill is in fact a brother.

Is it so wrong?  As we approach this Valentine’s Day, let’s ask ourselves, is it so wrong to love this man so much?

Please, share your sloppiest Obamaphiliac story with us here at ishum.  (d’you like how I said “us here” like that?)

You really shouldn’t go hunting for political news at 2 in the morning

Because what you find just starts to gnaw at your mind. Here’s what’s eating me:

Gore Endorsement Rumor Kicking Around Clinton Campaign

That shit’s dated February-frickin-7th. That means it’s FRESH GOSSIP.

Then I did a little more diggin…

Before Iowa, people were calling for gore’s obama endorsement.

Before Super Tuesday, people were calling for gore’s obama endorsement.

Jesus, back in September, people were calling for gore’s obama endorsement.

I just can’t get in the guy’s mind. Is he waiting to have the biggest impact? You’d think that that would have been pre-Super Tuesday. But maybe now is his moment to really influence the race, he can just tap Obama over the edge. Let the Kennedy’s be the pre Feb 5 team, and Al will pick it up from there.

Is he trying his best to see how to advance the cause of fighting global climate change? And what calculus would you even use to determine the optimal timing of an Obama endorsement in terms of carbon emissions prevented?

One thing that comes to mind is that Al may be tired of politics. Endorsing may seem like an unnecessary shot across the Clintons’ bow, and he’d really rather just stay out of it.

This is obviously a separate question from whether or not endorsements matter. (I think they do. I think that Oprah may be the most beloved figure on Earth, and that her stamp of approval means something to lots of people, including hordes of 30-plus white women. Now tell me that don’t matter.)

John Edwards is another guy whose endorsement is curiously absent. When I was making calls for the Obama campaign, and I’d come across an Edwards supporter who didn’t want to be courted, I’d say something like this:

“You know, I really respect that John Edwards got out of the campaign before Super Tuesday. He didn’t feel that his role was that of a kingmaker – he was a candidate, not a power broker. Though he could have benefited from such a role personally, he chose the honorable way out.”

And now? Isn’t his endorsement almost the same thing as choosing the democratic nominee? The very position that he didn’t put himself in by pulling out? Maybe, maybe not. But its possible that he’s doing the honorable thing by not endorsing.

Maybe these guys, John and Al, they feel like they shouldn’t endorse, because that screws with the people’s choice.

I can’t figure out how I feel about that, and I guess that’s what I get for trolling for political news at 2 in the morning. At least I’m not as bad as this guy.

A new vision of the feminine, at last!

Gucci finally shows us a woman we want to see: the sad-looking waif who can barely lift her perfume. Who will be first in line to help her?

Volunteerism and the American Ethic!

I was surprised at how well-written and forceful this is:

“The present way in America to meet other singles is in bars, using dating services or through the personals, all of which can take away a person’s self esteem and waste precious time. While volunteerism has been suggested as an acceptable way to meet other singles, too often the volunteer activities are dominated by women or individuals who are married. Churches have also been suggested as a decent way to meet singles, but in many cases the single person is surrounded by happily married couples and children, doubling the hurt and frustration. Friends still introduce friends but many times, the friends just don’t happen to know anyone single.

With half of the population divorced, offices discouraging interoffice romances, a disenfranchised telecommunicating population, and the legitimately evolutionary need to couple, a way had to be found to overcome these obstacles. With the national reliance on volunteerism to make up for a growing deficit, Single Volunteers could make two birds live with one stone.”

This comes from the Singles Volunteers of America website.   

I might have said intraoffice romance, and skipped the cheezy metaphor, but still! 

 Sometimes I wish I were single and looking, so I could take avantage of all these great dating opportunites (not really, but you know what I mean) Match dot com, speed dating.  It’s like you get to rewrite your facebook profile every 60 seconds.

 Contra Dancing has been hailed as the only place a new beautiful woman is flung into your arms every 30 seconds (every 64 beats, at 120bpm…)