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Guitar Hero toy plays NBC chimes!

I just bought a box of Raisin Bran and opened it up to find a guitar hero toy. It has three buttons and a whammy bar. Whoa.

Here’s the funny thing. If you play the three buttons going straight up the neck, you don’t get three notes in a row. It goes up a major sixth, then down a major third. Sort of… exactly… the same as… the NBC chimes!

And it turns out that Guitar Hero is owned by Activision which is owed by Activision Blizzard which is owned by Vivendi, which has a 20% ownership stake in NBC!

how about that, my little consumer friends! Do you think that they just happened to pick these notes to assign to the guitar? I doubt it seriously. So, stealth as this was, I got you Vivendi. Such inventive cross promotion too. But really, the notes should go up as you go up the neck of a guitar.

Audio’s a little tough to hear, but it’s there!