Tear-jerking Obama stories

I don’t know about you, but there are two Obama stories out there that just dont fail to get the old waterworks going for me. Obviously both these stories feature older black men connecting with younger white women. Two pretty different demographics – Old versus young, men versus women, black versus white. And it really nails me when those AREN’T the things that divide the people in these stories.

This is the sort of thing that got me energized about Obama.

The ashley story, which starts at minute 33:30 or so.

This is from Obama’s speech on race in philadelphia. Good to re-watch anyway, I think.

Here’s a new video, featuring an 86-year-old Obama volunteer named Charles Alexander.

This man started to volunteer when his wife died. Then he won a raffle to meet Barack Obama. But that’s not even the part that gets me – it’s when he’s talking about the other volunteers at the office.


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