The small joys of living in fake America.

Hayes, seen here with a Real American.  (I think it's his daughter.)

Hayes, seen here with a Real American.


Today, the Crypt over at politico did a fantastic job of chronicling how an asshole said something horrible, glib, mean spirited, and above all, false.

At a Palin Rally, North Carolina Representative Robin Hayes said “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

Now, I actually kind of believe him that he believed that he didn’t say that “liberals hate real Americans.” I think that in his mind he was telling the crowd something along these lines:

1. You all are not Liberals.

2. Did you know that Liberals don’t like you?

3. That’s right, they don’t!

4. and who are you? (that is, who are we?)

5. You’re real Americans. You work hard and achieve and you believe in God.

It also seems like he was saying “liberals hate real Americans” like “cockroaches hate RAID” Cockroaches don’t hate RAID – they don’t have the faculty of hatred. But RAID does fuck up some cockroaches. just like we fuck us up some liberals. Git ‘er done!

I don’t think that he (in his mind) was actually asserting that those Americans who are liberals don’t work hard, achieve, or believe in God. I don’t think that he actually thinks of people – you know, real human beings – when he says the word “liberal”. I think he just means “them.” – a generalized “not us” whose only characteristics are the opposites of the ones we have.

Since we believe in God, “they” must not believe in god.
Since we were hard, “they” must not.
Since we are Real Americans, “they” must not be.

But “they” only serve to define who “we” are. He’s not making actual assertions that he believes that all people who are liberals (like you and me!) are lazy fake Americans. (I mean, he’s got me personally on not believing in God, but sadly, there are LOTS of liberals who believe in god.)

Its extremely assholish that this guy would swear up and down he didn’t say something when there’s going to be proof. And i DO think he’s a total asshole. I just believe him when he says that he didn’t know he said what he said.  Because he doesn’t keep “liberals” and “people” in the same part of his brain.

It’s probably surprising to him that liberals are real live people,  And that’s the part that’s really damning – obivously he knows that liberals can be religious, and that they may even be Americans.  But he hates them.  and he denies them the consideration he gives himself and his team.


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