You can’t for McCain without voting for Palin.

There’s a trope out there right now that the election has come down to the small sliver of the population that can’t make up their mind between John McCain and Barack Obama.

CNN pundits say things like, “well, McCain said things that he’s base would like, but I’m not sure that it’s going to convince any undecided voters.”

and the Daily Show just had a segment where S. Bee and that other guy got angry at a undecided focus group for being idiots. What are they waiting for?

The say things like, i want to hear more about Obama’s health plan. Bullshit! if they actually wanted to hear more about that, they could investigate. there’s been no shortage of ink on that and many other topics.

I don’t buy that undecideds are waiting for more information. I think it’s a gut feeling.

There’s also something else.

I wonder if people can actually be persuaded. I live in an extremely liberal neighborhood (around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis) where there are more houses with Obama signs out than houses with NO signs out. We’re at like 70 percent saturation, probably. But there have been two McCain signs out.

I always wondered what it must be like to be them. if I had to drive through a neighborhood flooded with McCain signs every day, I think i’d get pretty angry.

But last weekend, the signs came down. I wonder if somebody took them down because they hate mccain, or if the owners changed their minds about having the signs out.

I’m hopeful that they changed their mind, and that they’re going to vote Obama now. (I know that’s wishful thinking. I mean they had SIGNS out, for crying out loud. They’re supporters.)

But maybe, just maybe, they realized they couldn’t vote for McCain without also voting for Palin.


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