Thy NY Times Editorial Board tells it like it is

I don’t look to the NY times editorial board for much guidance these days.  They endorsed Hillary, so that’s a strike against them.  They also wrote recently that the NY city council should overturn a ban on term limits which was directly voted on by New Yorkers.  (I’m all for overturning the ban, but through a vote, not the city council.  But I live in Minnesota, so I don’t get to choose how New Yorkers run their town.) 

So anyways, except for the cultural issuses where we mostly agree, I’m not super enthused by the editorial board’s declarations.

But the editorial they ran today on the Biden-Palin debate did the best job of matching how I personally felt about the debate.  Most of the post debate spin was pretty lame, with the commentary on both sides coming down to 1)sarah palin helped her ticket because she didn’t flop completely, and 2)joe biden helped his ticket because nothing changed.  That’s pretty lame, and doesn’t address how poor her actual answers were.  (not that debates are really about the answers.)

Here’s how the editoral board summed up the debate:

In the end, the debate did not change the essential truth of Ms. Palin’s candidacy: Mr. McCain made a wildly irresponsible choice that shattered the image he created for himself as the honest, seasoned, experienced man of principle and judgment. It was either an act of incredible cynicism or appallingly bad judgment.

First of all, that’s really the meat of the matter.  Sarah Palin was John McCain rebranding his campaign – not John McCain picking a vice president.  The Board gives John the benifit of the doubt – maybe it WASN’T a cynical ploy for disaffected Hillary voters and redneck america.  Maybe he really thought she had something to bring to the table.  Well, if that’s the case, then he was just wrong.  And honestly, I’m not sure which is worse.  Cynical leaders, or incompetent ones. 

But really, why can’t he be both?


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