His hands are dead – but are they cold yet?

And even before they are, the jokes are flying.  However else they remember him, this will be a part of his lasting legacy:

Before Jon Stewart and Leno get their cracks at it, let’s just have us cursory stroll through the blogosphere:

“Well now they are. So hand over the rifle, Moses.”

“You Can Take The Gun From His Cold Dead Hands Now – Charlton Heston Dead At 84”

“Since Mr. Heston has passed, and since he challenged me so often to do so, I plan to fly to Hollywood and pull that gun from his cold dead hand. If I have to, I’ll chop off his hand if rigamortis has kicked in. At least I can sell his hand on e-Bay as a right wing masterbatory aid.”

“Can I be the first liberal to volunteer to pry Charleston Heston’s guns from his hands?”

“Charlton Heston has gone to the Great Gun Show in the Sky.”

Of course, there are other things out there too, like Ben-Hur and the Ten Commandments. And how he was a champion of civil rights (all of them!) as they say. But really, it’s just irresistible, because the death/guns/Heston nexus is so tight.

I imagine that the supreme court is feeling…awkward…right about now, what with their first real look at the 2nd amendment in decades. I just hope that they don’t, out of some odd respect for Heston’s passing, strike down the DC handgun ban.


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