Klobuchar Makes Good!

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota endorsed Barack Obama this morning.  We here at ishum would like to claim this as an institutional victory.  See our post from February 8th, excerpted below:

Dear Senator Klobuchar,

The super delegate system that our party is using to nominate a presidential candidate seems to me to be arcane, archaic, and anti-democratic. That your personal voice carries more weight in this matter than that of every other Minnesotan betrays the principle of our democratic process.

You were elected to the Senate because we as Minnesotans trust your judgment on the many affairs of state that as normal citizens, we cannot reasonably keep abreast of.

But on the issue of the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, you do not have to substitute your judgment for the judgment of Minnesotans. You have direct knowledge of how the people you represent feel.

I would ask that you would respect Minnesota’s choice for president. On February 5th, the people of Minnesota voted overwhelmingly for your colleague in the Senate, Barack Obama. Please endorse him at the national convention and please announce that you will do so.



As the kids might say, w00t!


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