The depth of the problem

As an Obama supporter, I’ve come to fit various facts about the world into what I think is a pretty coherent whole.

If you asked me who I think should “drop out of the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination” I wouldn’t have to hesitate – obviously, Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race.

I like to believe that I’d say that, not because I’m an Obama supporter (which I am – did I mention that?) but because I’m a Democrat and I can count.  Hillary trails bigtime and we (the Democrats) are hemorrhaging votes and momentum. I mean, who can’t see that?  The staunchest Hillary supporters, don’t they see the same facts I do?  Can they really believe, in good faith, that Hillary should continue?

Turns out that opposition to my worldview and the things I think are screamingly obvious is more entrenched than I had previously thought.

According to Rassmussen, 22 percent of Democrats agree with me: Hillary should drop out.

But the scary bit?  the bit that is just incomprehensible idiotic, childish I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I stupidity?

Another 22 percent of Democrats believe that Barack Obama should drop out of the race!

Why?  Why should he?  What possible reason could you give for thinking that Barack Obama should drop out of the race?  22 percent of voters may WANT him to drop out, but really?  He SHOULD?

Who the hell are these people?  I don’t understand.

And then maybe what’s just as bad, 62% of democrats – that’s nearly two thirds – think that neither candidate should drop out.  what?  what what what?  two-thirds of our party think we haven’t had enough time to evaluate the candidates?  That we haven’t given each a fair shake?  That this contest should continue on and on?

It’s not that I want to disenfranchise the voters in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon, and all the rest that are left to vote – I don’t.  And the plain fact is that they haven’t been disenfranchised.  The fact that they WILL vote, that they have delegates to send to the convention, means they aren’t disenfranchised.

Here’s what’s important: these last 8 states or whatever may speak last, but they don’t have the final word.

The states that have already done – their say still stands.  And unless we actively disregard the results of those contests, Barack Obama has won the nomination.

This isn’t recourse to “the math,” this is recourse to the god damn results of the primaries and caucuses thus far.


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  1. 1 jeje March 26, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    I am waiting for a special video release for Ishum.

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