A Brutal Month for Democrats

This March has been the most brutal month of the campaign season.For Barack Obama supporters, there have been other brutal months. Like November of last year, when Hillary Clinton’s nomination seemed so sure that most observers put Obama’s chances at somewhere around one in five.

And for Hillary Clinton supporters, there have been other brutal months as well – Republicans piling on late last year to out do each other’s frothing-at-the-mouth hatred of the former first lady. Not to mention February of 2008, which saw 11 straight primary wins in a row for Barack Obama, 12 if you count Vermont, which was called early on March 4th, the day of the Texas and Ohio primaries.

But this March has been worse. Obviously, Rev. Wright was the biggest problem that Barack Obama faced. The poisonous ways in which Religion and Race have entered this campaign are just terrible. Wright’s and Obama’s detractors have whipped themselves up into such a self-righteous furor – tearing their hair out at how awful that black man who hates America is.

And there was been Geraldine Ferraro, whom none of us remembered until recently.

And Hillary’s a Liar because she never got sniped at. And Barack Obama hates the voters of Michigan and Florida. And Bill Richardson killed Jesus. And Bill Clinton is Joe McCarthy. And Rezko’s a slumlord sleaze ball, and Spitzer’s no longer a superdelegate, and Patterson maybe is (but he cheats on his wife) And won’t anybody release their tax returns?

The two people who benefit most from all this? Wolf Blitzer and John McCain.

And what is truly sickening from this democratic primary is that neither candidate can pretend that they are campaigning in good faith for votes anymore, be they in Pennsylvania or in North Carolina. The campaign is now a race for the superdelegate vote.

Is it any wonder, that despite the supposed importance of the Pennsylvania primary, we haven’t heard a peep out of the state itself? During the ramp up to Ohio and Texas it was all NAFTA and Jobs and Border Security and Immigration all the time. But what are Pennsylvania’s needs? Who will pander to them?

No one will, because they aren’t the audience anymore. How could they be – if the voters were really what mattered, Barack Obama would be our nominee. Period. It’s really non-controversial. He leads in all measures of support except two.

He has won the most states.
He has the most pledged delegates
He has the most delegates overall
He leads in the popular vote (even counting Florida and Michigan.)

The two “measures” by which he is not leading are:
Superdelegate endorsements: He’s trailing 209 to 243 – though of the last 50 or so to declare, he’s gotten the lion’s share. (a big lion’s.) Basically, the rest of the superdelegates are waiting and they are seeing.

And lastly, here’s a funny one: if you counted by electoral college votes, as they would be awarded in the presidential election in November, Hillary would lead Barack Obama, mostly due to “winner take all” and “California and New York”.

These last two measures are obviously bogus – Obama is the front-runner, and it is not nearly as close as “The Situation Room” would have you believe.

Hillary Clinton faces almost insurmountable odds, and they are known to everyone. And yet she continues. She is hanging her hopes on the superdelegates giving her the election, and why? Because Obama is unelectable, that’s why. And why is he unelectable? Because she made him that way.

The “Tanya Harding” option indeed.

I ask myself, could I get mad enough at this situation – could my frustration at Hillary Clinton really grow to such gargantuan proportions that I could do something about this? Could I, personally, be mad enough at this arrogance, this sense of entitlement, this cynical and treacherous behavior that I could stop her?

And when I think about this next thing, my blood just about boils over.

If Barack Obama, right now, were in the same situation as Hillary Clinton, do you think for a minute that the Democratic Party would allow it? Would he be able to hear himself think over the chorus of superdelegates rallying behind Hillary?

Of course not. Obama isn’t owed the presidency, Hillary Clinton is. We’ve all been pulling for her since she ran for senator of New York, obviously positioning herself for a presidential run. Hillary Clinton!!! Hillary Clinton! Remember how good it was when Bill was in the Oval? Think about how bad bush is – that’s how GOOD Clinton was. And Hillary, boy has she worked, has she suffered, doesn’t she deserve it? And aren’t we progressive? We’re going to elect the first woman.

This was the thinking for so long, that the democratic party, even those people in it who support Obama, can hardly believe – geez, you mean Hillary really won’t be president one day? Really?

We all need to take a deep breath and accept it. And here’s to April.


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