is keith too sincere?

First of all, I think he’s right.  I was having difficulty putting my finger on exactly how Geraldine’s comments were racist, but Olbermann nails it – saying that barack obama is “very lucky to be who he is” is like saying that he’s where he is because of some sort of affirmative action. or presidential nominee quota.  And that’s what’s so sad, because Barack Obama is the genuine article, and I think that that is clear to most everyone, even people who aren’t supporting him for president.

But Olbermann – I just don’t buy him as Edward R Murrow.  Maybe because he frickin does commentary on football and other stupid shit.  he’s too slick, too 21st century to be pulling this postwar-rectitude-and-outrage schtick.  Lay off the shakespeare, man.

I feel as though he’s just a little too aware of his acting, his delivery, his tone (his frickin camera changes!!!).  Murrow was as studied as you can get, and Olbermann’s plenty studied too.  I just think that Murrow’s control over every aspect of his delivery served him better than Olbermann’s does him.  Murrow was also better at it.

But still, big ups, as they say, to the ole K-O for giving it straight to Hillary “suicide-pact” Clinton.


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