Joel Stein over at the LA times (d’you like how I said “over at” like that?) wrote a fabulous “article” (it’s really more of a post) about Obamaphila.

Am I an Obamaphile or an Obamabot?

Do I, as Andrew Sullivan puts it, “want the man to hope all over me?”

Jon Stewart knew all about the Obama love fest last year (almost to the day).

(while I was looking around for that video, I came across this one, which is apropos of Bill Clinton’s gaffe in a major way…)

Joel Stein admits that he is, despite himself, an Obama fan.  It’s like liking Nirvana after they got famous, maybe.  He just asks that we stop peeing ourselves talking about inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

I myself am in no position to talk.  I wax grandiose about Barack Obama.  I do also have that hipster self-hatred about being so “fired-up and ready to go.” I’ve said “yes we can” and meant it.  I have an “I am an Obama precinct captain” button on my coat and a bumper sticker on my car.

The only criticism I have of the man is that maybe he shouldn’t have said that Hillary was “likable enough” at that debate.   I’ll chalk that up to a failed attempt at a joke, and say we’re even because of the hugely successful line, I’ll have to examine his dancing abilities to see if Bill is in fact a brother.

Is it so wrong?  As we approach this Valentine’s Day, let’s ask ourselves, is it so wrong to love this man so much?

Please, share your sloppiest Obamaphiliac story with us here at ishum.  (d’you like how I said “us here” like that?)


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