Me, I’m putting it on the line

I think the republican ticket is going to be McCain-Huckabee.

 I think that that ticket would stitch together the broadest band of republican voters, the military guys and the god-goddies.  I think it will generally leave out the Mexican-haters, which is probably a good move for the ‘pubs. 

Any ticket with Obama on it would paste the anti immigration folks, hands down. 

I have NO idea what the democratic ticket could look like with Obama on top.  Maybe edwards?  That might be a nice way to do it – but would edwards be down? 

Who would hillary pick?  Richardson, maybe Dodd (he WAS sitting next to her at the SOTU)


2 Responses to “Me, I’m putting it on the line”

  1. 1 Sebastion Bach January 30, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Take sides, Mr. Coppock!

    Why would anyone want the Huckster for VEEP?? That dude offers nothing but his religious wacko supporters! What abt Giuliani? At least that dude has some reactionary policies to stand on.

    “100 years in Iraq?! How ’bout a thousand, Mr. President!”

  2. 2 ishum January 30, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    His religious wacko supporters think if they elect Huck, God will like them. That’s more incentive than most voters have. and Giuiliani is a dead weight – he’s a drag-wearing baby-killer. And McCain doesn’t need to add to his Anti-Terror base, he’s got that locked up.

    Huck isn’t a member of the conservative establishment, and McCain isn’t either (really.) I think they’d make a lovely pair.

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