I think Barack agrees with me about Sebelius…

Here’s the text of his email to me:

Alex –Tonight, Governor Kathleen Sebelius spoke eloquently to the nation on behalf of our party.But I wanted to share my personal response to George Bush’s final State of the Union with you.Watch my response here:

State of the Union response


Next year, when it will be the job of someone new to report on the state of our union, the entire nation can have a president they believe in.And with your help in the coming days and weeks, that’s the kind of president I will be.Thank you,Barack 

Now, I just think he’s being nice when he said she spoke eloquently.  Because she really didn’t.  She was pretty boring (see previous post) I mean, if barack really thought she did a good job,  you think he’d have to one-up her by sending me an email with a YouTube clip of himself?  Oh barack, you shouldn’t have.   


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