Anybody else watching Giuliani concession speech?

First of all – I think that the crowd has gotten it that he’s quitting. They’re pretty deflated sounding. But my real question is – who the hell is that guy in the blue sunglasses? Why did the campaign let him stand right behind Giuliani. (so far, this is the only pic I could find. That guy was di-RECT-ly behind giuliani when he was giving his speech.) Also – its FEWER lawsuits, not LESS lawsuits. See why you can win? You can’t even tell the difference between a mass noun and a count noun. America’s major my ass. Also – did you know that the republicans, while a “big party getting bigger”, it’s also the party of freedom. How’d you like that, you democratic freedom haters?That guy in the sunglasses REALLY wants to be able to send his kid to the school of his choice. Man. That’s really his issue.


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