So goddamn boring

Kathleen Sebelius – she’s giving the “democratic rebuttal” to the State of the Union right now.   Wow, she’s an even worse orator than president bush.  Her freaking tone is sooooo monotonous. Shes got all these false endings.  we’re like YES SHE’S done!  now she’s talking about greenberg. Comments from my friends while we’re watching this: Yo, you hungry?  I think I want to make a pizza.Hey look at that – one of our lightbulbs is out.Anybody who’s still watching this is just waiting for clinton and obama.   Oh, look at that – Nell changed the lightbulb.  Kathleen is still droning on.Richard wants a PB and J.  Bets on how many he’ll eat tonight? BLAH BLAH BLAH. Kathleen, this is your freeeeecking moment to introduce yourself to the goddam nation, and this is what you do?  An American Response?  Shut up about your public service-y family!  AHHHH this is bad politics and bad tv.  “the greatest generation?”Let’s chart a new course for our greatest generations to come.  That’s a cliche-packer.  Her face has no expression.  LIP-PURSER!!!!  she’s WAYYY too composed.  Boooooorrrrring.


3 Responses to “So goddamn boring”

  1. 1 Sebastion January 29, 2008 at 9:20 am

    No, no, no: you got it all wrong. What you saw last night was a “natural” performance by a natural woman, so if that didn’t catch your attention, you’re probly some sorta sexist slob. Just ask David Brooks (he knows, because he often wears a pink tie):

    A) “The delivery was very good. It’s very hard to sit in a room and deliver a natural performance. And she did that very well.”

    See?? NATURAL.

    B) “The second thing that struck me was that, unlike the president, whose rhetoric sounds like it could have been delivered five years ago, clearly, the Obama campaign has had an effect here.”

    There, she’s just like you, aec.

    (how many p,b&j’s did Richard eat??)

  2. 2 ishum January 29, 2008 at 12:17 pm

    Richard didn’t have any. He had a box of macaroni and a bag of tortellini instead. Go figure. and to your point B: For True, yo. Everybody wanna be all inclusive-like. I hate that shit, and I hate those people. right?

  3. 3 Sebastion January 29, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    That sounds like a hungry dude.

    I like John Dickerson’s take on Bush’s empty (and hypocritical) rhetoric regarding congressional earmarks:

    “Next, Bush will offer executive orders that demand better elocution from public officials and ban smirking.”

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