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And Jon Stewart Too!

I got Barack AND Stewart backin me up.

Now THERE’s a democratic ticket.

Check it out:

That Sebelius. Geez.


Me, I’m putting it on the line

I think the republican ticket is going to be McCain-Huckabee.

 I think that that ticket would stitch together the broadest band of republican voters, the military guys and the god-goddies.  I think it will generally leave out the Mexican-haters, which is probably a good move for the ‘pubs. 

Any ticket with Obama on it would paste the anti immigration folks, hands down. 

I have NO idea what the democratic ticket could look like with Obama on top.  Maybe edwards?  That might be a nice way to do it – but would edwards be down? 

Who would hillary pick?  Richardson, maybe Dodd (he WAS sitting next to her at the SOTU)

Anybody else watching Giuliani concession speech?

First of all – I think that the crowd has gotten it that he’s quitting. They’re pretty deflated sounding. But my real question is – who the hell is that guy in the blue sunglasses? Why did the campaign let him stand right behind Giuliani. (so far, this is the only pic I could find. That guy was di-RECT-ly behind giuliani when he was giving his speech.) Also – its FEWER lawsuits, not LESS lawsuits. See why you can win? You can’t even tell the difference between a mass noun and a count noun. America’s major my ass. Also – did you know that the republicans, while a “big party getting bigger”, it’s also the party of freedom. How’d you like that, you democratic freedom haters?That guy in the sunglasses REALLY wants to be able to send his kid to the school of his choice. Man. That’s really his issue.

What is wrong with this picture, dear reader?

I think Barack agrees with me about Sebelius…

Here’s the text of his email to me:

Alex –Tonight, Governor Kathleen Sebelius spoke eloquently to the nation on behalf of our party.But I wanted to share my personal response to George Bush’s final State of the Union with you.Watch my response here:

State of the Union response

Next year, when it will be the job of someone new to report on the state of our union, the entire nation can have a president they believe in.And with your help in the coming days and weeks, that’s the kind of president I will be.Thank you,Barack 

Now, I just think he’s being nice when he said she spoke eloquently.  Because she really didn’t.  She was pretty boring (see previous post) I mean, if barack really thought she did a good job,  you think he’d have to one-up her by sending me an email with a YouTube clip of himself?  Oh barack, you shouldn’t have.   

So goddamn boring

Kathleen Sebelius – she’s giving the “democratic rebuttal” to the State of the Union right now.   Wow, she’s an even worse orator than president bush.  Her freaking tone is sooooo monotonous. Shes got all these false endings.  we’re like YES SHE’S done!  now she’s talking about greenberg. Comments from my friends while we’re watching this: Yo, you hungry?  I think I want to make a pizza.Hey look at that – one of our lightbulbs is out.Anybody who’s still watching this is just waiting for clinton and obama.   Oh, look at that – Nell changed the lightbulb.  Kathleen is still droning on.Richard wants a PB and J.  Bets on how many he’ll eat tonight? BLAH BLAH BLAH. Kathleen, this is your freeeeecking moment to introduce yourself to the goddam nation, and this is what you do?  An American Response?  Shut up about your public service-y family!  AHHHH this is bad politics and bad tv.  “the greatest generation?”Let’s chart a new course for our greatest generations to come.  That’s a cliche-packer.  Her face has no expression.  LIP-PURSER!!!!  she’s WAYYY too composed.  Boooooorrrrring.

Clinton faces an uphill battle in South Carolina