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Interesting confluence

Did you know that not only is December National Drunk- and Drugged- Driving Prevention Month, but the first week in December is also National Tolerance Week?

Those folks in Washington are taking a two pronged approach: decrease your drug and alcohol use while simultaneously increasing your tolerance. 

 I’m with them in spirit, but honestly, there are going to be some conflicting priorities that first week in December.


Graduate thesis just waiting to happen

Don’t the people at Angelfire (hey! you there, stop snickering.  It was once a major player on these here internets) have to take out insurance on this sort of thing?  Right there, on their servers, is an archive of a mid-90’s chat room logs from PRODIGY, of all things.

 You are now in room “punk”.

 Its absolutely incredible and any PHD candidates in either computer science, linguistics or social psych. without a topic yet should get in while the gettin’s good.

 Here’s just a random excerpt:

Fem7:               rush, thats kinda cool
honky666:           Bon Jovi was my first!
D4545:              they would kick any punk bands ass
Fem7:               Do you like the Pixies?
Fem7:               RIGHT, lol
idle race:          Negativland is better
D4545:              the truth hurts
honky666:           i saw skid row too
Fem7:               then the pixies,these two bands cannot be compared
SYSTEM Greeter:     “Blk CrowKing” has left the room
Fem7:               skid row eh??
idle race:          I’d say the pixies owe their livelihood to Husker Du
honky666:           they rocked…18 and life
Fem7:               are you being fecicios or serious?
SYSTEM Greeter:     “D4545” has left the room
honky666:           i swear i saw em
Fem7:               Ive never seen an uncool band in my life
Fem7:               fecicious that is
idle race:          lol
honky666:        are you calling skid row uncool?
Fem7:               well, uh sebastion bach is cool
Fem7:               lol
idle race:          no, I like shrieking caterwauling metal-lite
honky666:       we are the youth gone wild!

And that one is actually about music, sort of.  Check this out:

 VicarInTutu:        anarchy isn’t even about no rules
insolent1:          that people are the savages without govt
starla420:          do any of you read out side of school?
flagburner8:        christ..dont base your arguments on FICTION
stooges3:           if i have to destroy to rebuild, then so be it
death knell:        accept the reality and quit dreaming of some
                    idealistic perfect state
flagburner8:        yes, i do starla
insolent1:          its a bout socitey though
starla420:          i caaan tell but using lord of the flies
VicarInTutu:        people aren’t savages without government
flagburner8:        so?? its not facts!
tweekerbytch:       no matter what kind of government we have there will always be someone who becomes a leader, whether by force or choice

So have at it.