It’s not arbitrary, you know

I’d just like to point out that it’s not as if being a democrat or a republican is an arbitrary choice.  And being “partisan” isn’t bad.  Being wrong is bad.  Say, for example, on the Iraq war.  It’s not that the republicans were partisan, it was that they were wrong. 

Just like its not that faith is bad, it’s just faith in God that’s bad.  Believing things that are plainly untrue is bad!  Regardless of the pragmatic utility of having the social support of religion, self-deception is bad. 

 Faith in things like science isn’t bad – we have to have a certain faith to start off with, like there is some reason to believe that what we observe is a reflection of reality.  Fire away, call it the religion of science, sure, i don’t care.  But reminding us that because science rests on some assumptions doesn’t change the crucial differences between science and religion.  One is right and one is wrong.  We don’t need assholes like Dawkins and Hitchens to tell us that, it’s pretty simple! 


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