I find it strange, the way people can hedge their bets when they’re talking.

The “can” in that sentence? A prime example.

Here’s the one that inspired this post: “I think it would be distracting if a lot of people knew what the sounds were originally…” This comes from a electro-pop musician who was describing how he takes various samples and manipulates them in his music. The weirdness in this example is the “a lot”.

Would it still be distracting if only a few people knew what the sounds were originally?

I think that he said “a lot” because he doesn’t want to accuse any specific listener of his music of being potentially distracted by sample-sound recognition. Or generalize about his audience’s distractability. I guess it’s good that he’s not characterizing the experience of listening to his music as only being one way or another. But still – this is a weird thing to be non-judgmental about.

I’ll try and think of others, and post them here, because I KNOW that you readers are interested.

(Does “I’ll try” count as hedging, because I want you to know that I’m not making any promises?)


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