American Anthem

Because of John Williams, I got interested in famous performances of it. Check out the one of the most infamous, Rosanne’s, when she tried to cover her horrible singing with worse singing, like the class clown who finally gets called up to do his thing in front of the class.

next up in Marvin Gaye. This incredible performance at the 1983 NBA All-star game is gorgeous. You think you’ve figured him out after about 2 bars, but the tune just unfolds, so slowly, and I think its really touching. It doesn’t feel overly “american!” or overly patriotic, which is what kills me about the super-heartfelt ultra earnest renditions by Whitey-white blond girls.

Thats all really. there are other famous performances, like jimi hendrix or feliciano, or whitney houston, but think those are old news compared with these two. Maybe just because I didn’t know these too, and I did know the other ones.


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  1. 1 westendweb November 21, 2007 at 2:43 pm

    One of my favorites was done by Arturo Delmoni. Arty was the concertmaster of the Juilliard Orchestra when Itzy and Pinky were second and third chair. Or something like that. Arty can to this day do authentic Heifetz imitations. On his violin. Anyway, he’s good. Ask around.

    Arty was a fanatic Celtics fan, and traveled all over the country to watch games, becoming friends with the players. I can’t even imagine what they made of this fancy-pants classical musician. One time he played this ultra-virtuosic, concerto cadenza style version of the Star Spangled Banner that was just…thrilling. Wonder if there’s a possibility of getting it up on YouTube.


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