Faith is like a simile!

Faith is like radar that sees through the fog.

Faith is like electricity.

Faith is like a mustard seed.

Faith is like a storm, tossing us in the waves.

Faith is like kicking a rock and imagining that you are punishing the rock when you are only hurting your own foot.

Some people think that finding faith is like playing scratchers.

Faith is like a muscle. If exercised, it grows strong. If left immobile, it becomes weak.

faith is like cutting the bad fruit off a tree without dealing with the bad root.

Faith is like a cheque. All you have to do is hold on to the cheque, go to the bank to present it and you can confidently expect the money to appear in your account after a certain time. If you throw the cheque away the money will not be put in your account. God is trustworthy and always has resources to back his promises.

faith is like looking at a “magic eye” poster and “getting it”.

Faith is like our stem cells.

Faith is like a hunter out in the bush, who lifts up his rifle, aims, and takes down that big bull moose on the first shot.

Faith is like a local superstar

Faith is like a trampoline ~ it bends & flexes & moves (springs = doctrines)


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